We can advise and assist with:

Drafting contracts, staff handbooks, policies and procedures.
Drafting directors’ service contracts.
Advice and assistance with disciplinary and grievance procedures.
Training key employees, managers and HR.
Advice on injunctive relief, restrictive covenants and anti competition clauses.
Negotiation of settlements with employees and Compromise Agreements.
Representation in the Employment Tribunal, High Court, Employment Appeal Tribunal and above.

We bring our expertise from representation in the Employment Tribunal to advise our employer clients on how to avoid such claims. We give practical step by step advice as to how to deal with employee issues in such a way as to limit liability. Our contracts, policies and procedures are tailored to your business, not “off the shelf”.

Sometimes claims are inevitable. When they are, we look at the best and most cost effective way to defend them. If it is not possible to reach agreement with your employee, we can arrange representation either by one of our in-house advocates or by a barrister best suited to deal with your case.